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With the main rubbish extraction phase concluded the Bluebell Railway can achieve its aim of reattaching itself to the main line at East Grinstead by 2013 if they get enough money! They need well under 1 million now so if you can help please do consider making a donation. For details . In the mean time I hope to continue to publish pictures of the work as it progresses. Please bookmark this page and look back frequently. There is now an appeal video here:

This page will contain other pictures taken elsewhere on the Bluebell Railway. In no particular order!

On the way to Kingscote on the first train of the day we are stopped by the signalman. Why?
Urgent supplies of teabags for the men further up the line!
Oh yes and a point lock was included in the package.
This view from Imberhorne South sort of shows the size of the tip. 15 Metres deep and only 85 trains required to clear a path through the rubbish according to the talk given in the carriage.
Beside Kingscore signal box on the way back from the tip Bluebell stops and simmers in the summer sunshine, why?
First view inside the signal box. Apparently these levers are for show and are to be removed to make way for electrical signalling.
The reason why Bluebell has stopped become apparent, after a run from Sheffield Park and one trip to the tip it needs to take on water. And the opportunity is taken to picture the activity from the signal box window.
"That'll do, pull out the hose". An electric pump is used to get the water from the adjacent tank wagon into the engines.
Another view that was until today restricted shows a general view of Kingscote station from the signal box steps.
Finally I make no comment on the joke current circulating that this very old advert on show at Horsted Keynes Platform 5 in some way relates to the recent Royal Wedding or their Seychelles honeymoon!


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