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May 2013

8th May 2013 and we stopped to see how and if the area was beginning to look less like a building site. Well make your own mind up. Perhaps a pity nobody thought to spread a few grass seeds.
To the north of Imberhorne bridge a new drain is being dug at the top of the western side. Interesting that no grass is yet growing so it'll be weeds then.
This area on the right has not been touched for over a year and the grass is just about beginning to spread.
HOWEVER we must say that the black area does not look as though it will ever green up. We think the railway have missed a trick and a huge area of dark gloomy black is not welcoming. Someone suggested that grass would grow through the cover - we doubt it!
The tank is painted and almost ready to be positioned.
Nature does eventually take over. Here is East Grinstead platform where some moss has started to sprout. I understand that urine will help it grow!
A slightly unusual picture looking south from East Grinstead platform.
Now to the cutting where there are some slight signs of nature, but this is on the shaded eastern side of the cutting! We'd have thought that the sunny side would sprout first. The black still looks as awful as ever with no signs of nature.
On Tuesday they were working on the western face, unfortunately on the side that is hard to see..
Now to the southern side of Imberhorne Bridge where the new drain has just about reached its destination.
Getting towards the end of May, actually Tuesday 21st and work has resumed. As predicted they seem to be working to make the double width section single again by bringing down lorry loads of sticky mud from on high. However we have also been told that the stuff is to be moved away from here - but where to?
This picture might have been taken during the construction phase - but it wasn't, it was taken today!
As you can despite there having been only an average rainfall lately the clay is still sticky enough to be turned into pottery!
As you can see this part of the cutting will soon be single width until the waste is moved. Let's hope the drivers can still see the new signal.
Looking at the eastern side we can see that where the ground has not been touched for almost a year vegetation is once again asserting itself!
A look to the north towards East Grinstead station. Great pity there is no siding here.
To keep you up to date a quick look north from Imberhorne Lane bridge. As we can see this area is still very dark and mysterious.

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