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February/March 2013 Week 9

An early start today, Monday 25th February, nevertheless we are still able to capture a picture of the team who are already working, unfortunately almost out of sight of our cameras.
This area to the north of Imberhorne Lane bridge still needs ballast before rails can be laid.
We have no idea when the "golden clip" will mark the completion of the line but we hope it will come this week, perhaps before the end of this month!
Tuesday 26th February and work continues on the new water tower.
Now to the accommodation bridge where there are still more than a dozen track panels waiting to be installed.
Looking the other way it's as quiet as can be, but.... to the interesting stuff!

At Imberhorne Lane bridge they are working to remove the last of the rocks before rail installation can take place.

Video available on YouTube: .

The new attachment looks like a large chisel - which I suppose is what it is - apparently called a "pecker", short for woodpecker! You can feel the ground shaking from 100 Metres away!

The only woodpecker that I knew of before was a Russian over the horizon radar!

Video on YouTube showing just how this machine works:


Wednesday 27th February. Don't let the bright sun mislead you, it was bitterly cold on that bridge today meaning that I was only able to stay for a short period.
Fortunately as you can see I did not miss much as preparatory work continued. These pictures were taken later than usual, mid afternoon.
Just one more general view.
The last day of February 2013 and after yesterday when we were unable to see any work going on from the bridge there is a lot to report today.

First as you can see one end of the underlay is now visible from the other! Someone said that they could see the northern track from Imberhorne bridge. We looked carefully but can't, maybe we need glasses!

Looking south a STOP sign has appeared - ready for the Golden Spike ceremony perhaps?
Now to the other end of the works at East Grinstead where the new water tower continues to grow. Notice the new decorative brickwork.
Looking to the very north the new kiosk is in situ and...
.. a raised walkway is in course of construction. The white van visiting the site is by the way for a theatrical firm. Are the Bluebell going into the pantomime business?

Oh no they're not.

Midway on the extension at the accommodation bridge they seem to be busy replacing all the fishplates. Perhaps with ones better able to conduct electricity, or perhaps insulated ones?
One team working on the fishplates here just to the north of the bridge.
Another group here.
Looking the other way, yet more volunteers performing more fishplate work.
And we know that readers like to see a general view - so herewith looking south from the accommodation bridge, taken at noon.
The first day of spring March 1st and more rails have been laid.
Here a general view showing the northern railhead easily visible from the southern bridge.
Slightly closer we believe that all the conduits have now been installed.
While watching yet another new rail arrives; within 3 minutes it is on the ground!
After for some reason being rotated about its own axis. At least we now know the cutting is more than 10 metres wide here.
Finally the new rail is fitted into place. The two rail heads are now within sight of each other.

Video of this length being fitted now available on YouTube at: .

The cold wind does our ancient video cameras no good at all so please excuse any visual problems.

Saturday 2nd March at lunchtime there seems to be signalling work going on.
Looking the other way this is confirmed by sight of the trolley.
Is that someone doing press ups at the side?
A couple of slightly off subject views. How many volunteers does it take... etc.
Later in the afternoon we see what looks like a reverse tug-of-war. In fact it's cable pullers, who are pulling...
... two cables from the other side of the bridge. For intending cable thieves however they are mostly fibre optic, no copper to pinch here!
PLEASE park pretty. This car blocks the view from the east and cars don't see people on the other side of the bridge. There has already been one very near miss, perhaps there is worse to come.

I visited the station at East Grinstead and there was not a single spare parking place. I can foresee problems with parking ahead!

There had been some work on the water tower but a it was all covered in sacking I thought a photograph superfluous.

ANOTHER parked vehicle and it's even worse on this side as it completely blocks spectators from other drivers.

Finally - The weather forecast is excellent for next Tuesday and Wednesday, warm and no rain forecast. A good day for a ceremony of some sort?




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