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February 2013 Week 8

Another Monday - 18th February - and the first view of a convenient subject, the new toilet block waiting on the platform at East Grinstead to be put in its final resting place.

According to some it's going to be a tight squeeze.


The new water tower continues to rise.
Now to Imberhorne where on first sight nothing is happening.
However a few minutes later the team arrive.
And quickly set to making way for a new rail.
Which is collected from the store beside the accommodation bridge.
And transported down the line. 10 Metres less to go!

A comprehensive video is available from YouTube: .


This equipment may need a little help to move. I doubt it will get out under its own steam. Part of the dust cart perhaps, no!
Finally for today a mini "track treck" was observed making its way south during the morning.
Tuesday 19th February and it seemed to be a day of miscellaneous jobs on the railway today. Here a large quantity of clay is gradually moved north levelling as it goes. The Bluebell gang can be seen in the distance - their line is just out of sight.
Now looking into the sun we can see the progress from yesterday with end of the line now almost going out of sight round the bend. The high point seems to be where the black sheet crosses the rails.
Transporting bits and pieces about the site. We can't see exactly what is happening at the apex of the corner.
Here we can see that more has been added to the new signal post.
And another look at the new curve shows the high spot of the line, it seems to be about where the men are working.

Sorry, due to a camera fault there will be no video today - you did not miss much at least! We hope to give another report tomorrow.

Wednesday 20th February. Please accept my apology but the wind was too cold for me to stay long but there is still some interesting action to show.
Work continues removing even more of the rocks. They seem much harder to break up than those at the other end. Unless the trains will swerve round them it looks as though the entire dark coloured pile in the photo on the left will soon be a distant memory.

Despite the Arctic wind we have managed to capture a decent length video of the work. It's on YouTube at:

We thought that all the rubbish had been removed from the cutting but it seems that some more has been found hidden somewhere.
It's been piled up where the bridge used to be.
In the distance the Bluebell rail team work but the way still needs to be cleared.
Another bitterly cold day, Thursday 21st February.
We can now see the new width of the cutting.
And even more rubbish to get rid of.
Now to East Grinstead where the water tower takes shape.
The "works" have been buried below concrete.
Now the real event of the day as the first of two ballast trains arrive.

A video showing shunting operations at the new Bluebell Railway station is available on line: .


The first 9 wagons are reversed onto the platform before being pushed down the new line to be emptied.
Friday 22nd February and another snowy day of progress.
As ballast is laid from the south to the north.
Here it is collected from the northern end of the work.
This is believe it or not a fairly historic picture! Why?

For the first time one end of the work can be seen from the other! We are not suggesting that the rails can yet see each other but the ballast certainly can.


Here is the northern end taken from the south.
And here the southern end of the work.

A video showing the work in a snowstorm is now available on YouTube.

Watch as my new video camera is very nearly blown into the cutting!: .

Saturday 23rd February and we visited twice today rather expecting to see work going on everywhere.
Here the ballast that was delivered over the last couple of days waiting to be used all along the new railway line.
The new track going off into the southern distance.
Now looking north from Imberhorne Lane bridge.
There IS work going on but hidden under the bridge!
The newly widened section is clearly visible here.
Just one more view looking south.
Now a couple of pictures that will eventually end up on the Horsted Keynes pages.

First the defibrillator waiting to save a life. Well done to those who organised this important life saver.

Swordfish at Horsted Keynes Diesel never do! - Finally, a quick snapshot of Swordfish as it travelled (slightly uphill) south back to Sheffield Park pulling a guards van. By the time my camera had recycled the combination was out of sight!
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