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February 2013 Week 7

Another week, another snowstorm. As the men work in the most appalling conditions on Monday 11th February. The temporary pile that you can see has been transported from the work on the bed to the north.
Here, work continues removing the muck and replacing it with clay.
The blue truck in the distance carries spoil away on another run.
Meanwhile on the top of the western side clay is sorted and removed.
Don't know what is being measured but it looks like the edge of the line to the embankment side..
Finally a snow scene to the south of Imberhorne Lane bridge.
One day later on Shrove Tuesday 12th February and apologies for this rather brief update. The snow as you can see has melted but it is even colder than before, 1C.
A look north shows that the cutting is now wide enough for a rake of coaches.
Incidentally the clay on top of the western embankment has been moved right back in the last few weeks.
Meaning that it is now right up to the gates of the Bluebell area.

We looked at East Grinstead station today but no visible progress on the water tower.


A bitterly cold Wednesday 13th February and work continues on the new East Grinstead water tower.
Our usual view of the cutting, taken this morning.
Now looking south we were fortunately able to capture the signal in a green aspect.
St. Valentine's Day 2013 and our usual watch on the cutting shows that the way is clear. It was a full 12C warmer than yesterday, quite amazing!
First a job that looks to be finished, and I must say finished to an excellent standard. The accommodation bridge parapet will not fall into the cutting now!
As the completion of the bridge work means that the scaffolding has been removed we can now photograph the new signal post beside the bridge.
Looking south we can see that the cutting is now wide enough to run trains. Just lay some lines round the corner following the blue pegs and the job is done! ;-)
A worker takes a look.

Video on YouTube at: .


Now we are looking south from Imberhorne bridge. Don't know what the machine is but it looks like a compactor to our untrained eyes.
Even further away more preparations. This picture was taken from the best part of half a mile away so it can be expected to be a little grainy.
Finally today a general view of the southern approach to Imberhorne cutting.
On Friday 15th we start at East Grinstead where Sainsbury's customers have some new entertainment - work on the new water tower is clearly visible from their car park.
And as you can see the brickwork is up to the usual Bluebell standard. Picture taken with permission. There is a video of the work on YouTube: .
Now to the cutting and at at first sight the developments are perhaps not so obvious..
... but look beyond the digger and the Bluebell team can be seen working. This is the first time that work at the northern end of the cutting has been visible from the southern bridge.
A Bluebell volunteer is seen laying out the new line.
The dance of the diggers continues up on the western bank.
This L&W digger is scraping away the embankment sides. A second video taken today is on line at: .

Another photo update is planned for tomorrow.

Last day of the week, Saturday 16th. February.

There was much discussion about what was to happen to the rocks that have lain on the eastern side of the cutting for well over 100 years. Will the new line go round them, or over them?

Well here is the answer, at the northern end anyway. They are simply removing the rocks! The way has always looked a little narrow here despite the latest official video saying that the cutting is 8 metres wide all the way through.
As volunteers work to lay pipes the digger gets to work on the rocks. All seen from the southern end of the works!
You can see the difference in width here. A nice long video of the work can now be found here .
Finally my son was told off for taking this picture of the clay! Apparently photography is not allowed near the Council depot. Well there are no signs to say so and the man who told him was not wearing a Council uniform but we have carefully removed any people from the picture.

Wonder what is so secret about a pile of clay? And we also wonder what will happen next month when the line opens, people with cameras everywhere is our guess!

This is the last image for the week - next archive page from later in February here

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