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February 2013 Week 6
An historic week for the Bluebell!

An extra visit on Sunday 3rd February at 12 noon but a commentary would be superfluous.
North of Imberhorne Lane Bridge, same day and time there is still a lot of stuff in the way.
North of Hill Place Farm bridge at the same time of day.
Closer. The line now goes as far as it can.
Thought a closer view of the embankment sides might be of interest. The western embankment which we hope will soon turn a delightful shade of green, or yellow, or blue(bells) or anything but black. ;-).
The eastern embankment. This does look to be a bit more bedded in, doesn't it?
Something slightly different on Monday 4th February with work at East Grinstead station making up rail lengths.
The rail crane runs around busying itself.
The screen is to stop the sparks flying - still smells like November 5th though!
Well here we are on Tuesday 5th lunchtime and while there was some activity at East Grinstead station we did not see any here.
Looking north the height of the blockage gets lower over time and...
... it is now easy to see how little is left as they have kindly placed the fuel bowser right on top of the pile.

Not much more to remove that we can see but there is still a quantity hidden round the bend..

Mid-week Wednesday 6th February and a look from the compound which is now almost opposite the working site.
But HERE is the story - the way is almost clear! In fact it can't be more than 24 hours to go to clear the way!
The dark soil/waste in the foreground is all that is left.
The dark stuff in the distance is actively being moved. The YouTube video shows much clearer:
Thursday 7th and what a difference in the weather, whilst still cold the wind has dropped and the sun is almost warm.

Work has restarted on East Grinstead water tower.


The station itself is clear and ready for the trains!
Now south to the accommodation bridge where they are busy repairing the parapets which have some nasty cracks.
I was wrong yesterday; there is still a lot of rubbish to remove from the cutting. Perhaps another two or three days? Lots of machines on site, in fact too many to count but I got up to eight.
The rails are piled up ready to be laid. Apparently 30 30' lengths are prepared.
Some more diggers glimpsed through the trees beside the compound.
Now to the south looking north over Imberhorne Lane bridge.
Here we see the middle of the "bucket line" of diggers which are transporting the final rubbish away There is a 7 minute video taken today now on line at YouTube:
Friday 8th February 2013.
As you can see there is just a little more to remove.
We intend to check again tomorrow to see if the way is clear.
In the mean time the ballet video is worth a look. It's on YouTube at:
An historic day, Saturday 9th February 2013 and we are delighted to announce that the way looks clear!

Look at the blue digger here...


... and from the other end (on the far right) here.

It's the same machine.


This small pile is in fact the lower part of a slope that goes up through the embankment on the left. We are told that considerable time has been spent replacing the ground layer under the digger with clay which is firmer than the "stuff" there previously, this work continues.
Just one wider view for now, but a video is also available at
The rails wait to finish the job and with just a few weeks to go they can't be left there for long.

This is the last image for the week - next archive page from later in February here

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