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February 2013 Week 5

Beginning to look like a proper railway!

A new month and on 1st February 2013 the hard work continues...


.. but only as far as here at this end! It's still an extra, what shall we say 150 Metres gained since Monday this week.

Let's hope for some warm summer weather so that the grass can cover over the scar.


To the north the pile gets smaller by the day but the fact that three diggers are taking this length of time to clear the way does suggest that our earlier estimates of the quantity of spoil remaining were probably correct.
They are moving it up onto the side for now. Video later today at .
A general view of the final rubbish removal.
The remaining rubbish is saturated and "squishy", with a consistency a bit like a McDonald's shake!
There is a video of the work later in the day on YouTube at. .
A quick extra visit on Saturday 2nd February 2013, as I had hoped to be able to record some action. Unfortunately it seems we missed all the "fun" as the short rails were replaced with longer permanent types! Sorry. Here anyway for posterity is a view of the south of Imberhorne Lane bridge taken at 3pm.
And north from the same bridge.
The pile of waste - although a bit difficult to photograph - seems still quite large.

This is the last image for the week - next archive page from later in February here





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