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January 2013 Week 4

A new week and the snow has rapidly melted. These pictures were taken at lunchtime on Monday 28th January. It was cold with a biting strong wind.

Not sure why the sleepers are covered with ballast, perhaps we are going back to the 1800s. There certainly does not seem to be any ballast shortage!

Looking south the way is almost clear of rubbish, just a few days hard work to clear the way completely, is my guess.
In the distance the water and fuel bowser.
The bridge parapet requires attention as there are some large and moving cracks (shown elsewhere on this site) - hence the scaffolding. There are half a dozen men working behind the parapet!
Here they are! Hidden behind the bridge parapet and working away quietly are Bluebell people repairing and re-pointing the bridge side. You can just see one of the cracks in the foreground.
Now to the south and we can indeed see that there is not that much more rubbish to move. Unfortunately the ground is extremely boggy.
Finally for now a quick look to the south of Imberhorne Lane bridge.
Wednesday 30th January. Despite reports otherwise there has been no new track laid at the southern end.
This is the problem! The mud is thick, non-porous and very sticky! It makes an ideal swimming pool liner and has been used to line village ponds for hundreds of years.
Up north some real progress with two new lengths of rail laid, well done.
General scene of the north, as you can see the track is now well into the narrow section.
A close up view shows just how much plant is on site at present.
Opposite the new signal post beside the accommodation bridge we can see the new base for a relay cabinet positioned on top of the ducting run.
All that remains to block the way. Someone on the bridge suggested it might have been left there deliberately so that there can be a grand "break through" press event.

Video at YouTube:


Thursday 31st January taken later in the day and they are really getting on with it!
To the south of Imberhorne Lane bridge rails are going in one by one.
The old line on the right was stubborn to move, see the video for more.
This seems to be a newer and much larger rail mounted crane. Whilst progress is much batter than previously we must ask if the job can be completed in just 6 weeks time?

Looking objectively after these rails are laid onto the previously prepared bed which should be a reasonably quick operation there would seem to be about 150 Meters of barren ground still to be prepared for rail laying.

The line has now reached the curve into the bridge. When looking along the newly laid line you can make out the change in level here. It's about where the flat truck of the crane is situated in the accompanying photo.

There is a video on line showing the track at the side moved over on YouTube:

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