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January 2013 Week 3

A new week Monday 21st January and diggers are working clearing the last of the rubbish.
A quick look south shows no change to the south.
Finally, as an idea of how much the wind blew we thought you might like to see the bridge near Kingscote station. The bricks are normally a brick colour, not white!

Video on line at YouTube showing more activity in a snow covered cutting.. 

Wednesday 23rd January: we made two visits today but no activity seen on either so this will be a shorter report.
For a change a look from the side. The snow helps show the moved material.
One last look across the fields from the eastern side of the works.
Friday 25th January and work is going on at the northern end.
There is not too much rubbish left, I'd give it a few days to a week if the weather holds. If.
Up on the embankment it's sort out time.
They are also working to extend the line past the buffer stops. Laying further drainage pipes..
One quick view from the south shows how it's with the thaw it's all turning to mud again.

I have a fairly different video taken today on line. The snow may even look white this time YouTube link - Heigh Ho:

Link to following week




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