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January 2013 Week 2

Neither rain nor snow... and on a freezing Monday 14th January work continues installing pipes after which the rails can be laid.
as soon as they can be delivered from the north.
Work also continues removing the final blockage to enable this to happen.
Look closely and you will see that some things are being done with ropes...
,, like a couple of marionettes from Thunderbirds our intrepid volunteers work to tie down the covering on the northern side of Imberhorne Lane bridge..
Here on Wednesday January 16th it's even colder. We can see that the way is still very much blocked by waste that needs to be removed although the size of the pile has reduced.
The new line has been laid out - or are those poles for the cable ducts? The ground plastic by the way seems to be a very temporary roadway to help reduce water damage to the under soil.
Under Imberhorne Lane bridge they continue to work to excavate for the various pipes.
Looking south all is ready for rails to be laid but no extra line has been put down yet.
Finally a look at the old BR East Grinstead station site on Wednesday lunchtime which shows that it is no longer there! Quick work, but I guess a prefabricated building is a bit like a house of cards! There is even a chap sweeping the bits away!
After a break because of the snow we are once again able to show our readers what is happening at the cutting. These pictures were taken on Saturday 19th January, 2013.

The remains of the bridge are just visible. Sorry for the small number of pictures but the camera gave up because of the cold. (More about this later.)

Now a couple of views the other way taken before the cold affected the camera. You may see that some lose rails are there are beside the line of the railway waiting to be laid when the weather improves.
A video "Imberhorne in the snow" is now available as the video camera has thawed out. Take a look at this cold, windy and wintry scene.

Heavy snow is forecast for the area on Sunday.

YouTube link for the video .

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