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March 2013 Week 13 Full line services settle down

Monday 25th March 2013 and time to be honest. This photoset was really meant to be the accompaniment to two videos that we specially shot showing the journey through the cutting from both directions.

We have just got in to edit the videos and find that our camera has again failed in the cold weather so we shall try to re-shoot the videos tomorrow (Tuesday). Please look back then.

Still a few things to see, here we see 1638 running round at East Grinstead.

Sainsbury's car park from the trains.
The crowds seem to have stayed home - perhaps because of the freezing weather that also killed our video camera today. ;-)

Incidentally at the end of the fence you can see what seems to be the start of some sort of covering. This will protect the public but make photography more difficult for those without tickets. Ah!


It does seem that the Bluebell is going sign mad lately, perhaps just our view.
Now 1638 is at Horsted Keynes on its trip back north.
92212 was on duty the other way.
At last - the new destination boards can be used!
Here we go!
Tuesday 26th March, 10 a.m., bitterly cold wind!

Just one picture today to advise about our two new videos showing a non-stop trip through Kingscote, then the cutting and on to East Grinstead and another showing the journey back again.

It took just 57 seconds to go between the two bridges of the cutting! Whilst viewing take a look at the bottom of the western side of the cutting which is noticeably bulging in places (easier to see "in the flesh") and has actually fallen in one area.

Does this bode well for the future stability or will they need to spend money sorting the sides out? Time will tell.

Videos of News24 day at the Bluebell on Wednesday 27th March



We make no apology for our lack of coverage of events at Horsted Keynes today. Your webmasters' interest is steam railways, which is why we are so interested in the Bluebell Railway.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow and this weekend when steam engines again pull the trains.

As promised we also intend to keep an eye on the cutting as it is remodelled and hopefully matures  into a green wilderness over the coming weeks and months.


We are in the process of uploading three videos from today's coverage to YouTube as they won't be on the BBC site for long and this can only be seen in the UK. YouTube can of course be seen everywhere.. They are good quality and quite long but will be on line eventually. Links:

The following pictures carry a somewhat tongue in cheek commentary. There was general good will on the railway this afternoon so we thought we should carry this over to here.

Saturday 30th March, mid-afternoon and it was all going so well.

Then the tea train came in from the south hauled by a double header.


The train going south left on time hauled by 1638
The tea train pulled gently to a halt beside Horsted Keynes platform.
And there it stayed!
The two locos got slightly warm and started emitting steam at a rather higher pressure than usual.

There were some worried looks at the water levels in the side tanks.

It transpired that the brakes on the kitchen coach were well and truly stuck on. Here a volunteer helpfully points out the problem.
So the small adjusting spanner was called for.
Eventually, after half an hour during which some passengers looked out of their windows and wondered what was happening others just kept eating - even after the lights went out some carried on eating!

The only thing missing was a war-time community sing-song.

The small adjusting spanner did not work and was quietly taken away!
Eventually those passengers who had eaten their fill transferred to the other platform. Some though just sat and poured another cup of tea!
Relief at last as eventually the service train pulls in from the south.
And the passengers who were waiting continued their journeys without eating any more food while others stayed in their seats eating!

There is a video of this afternoon on line at:

Your reporter was not given any food.

Saturday Kitchen "live" from the Bluebell Railway:




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