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March 2013 Week 11

Sunday 10th night and little was happening in the sleety rain. The catering coach was still on the rails at 21:00. It's amazing how near the road the locos will be when filling with water and running round.

I think it relevant to report that I was especially driven over to the station in a snow flurry and waited in the cold for something to happen for the better part of an hour. This so that those at a distance did not miss what was happening.

Sussex view. Updated every few minutes. Dark at Night!

There were heavy snow flurries in the area on Monday 11th March which together with the biting bitter wind meant that we were not be able to get over to the extension.

We are sorry that the weather and other events have conspired to mean that we will miss today's updates.

As we can't give update information on the news group we will have to ask that you look back here or perhaps join our Twitter update service.

Here is a picture from which shows the current state of the roads in the immediate area.

Tuesday 12th March. After negotiating many abandoned vehicles we were able to reach East Grinstead and are therfore able to bring you a photo entitled "Snowdrift at Imberhorne Gill". Just down from the bridge over the railway.

There are abandoned cars and vans quite literally all over the roads but the railway itself seems quite sheltered from the worst of the elements.

Looking south from that bridge. It does not look as though any trains have run since it started snowing.
Closer we can see that this side of the bridge is still awaiting ballast. Will it get done in time?.
Now looking north, again on Tuesday just after lunch. The ballast has almost reached the bridge. Is it possible that the dark areas are a result of attention of the tamper?

There is a photo of same on one of our previous pages.

Now to the railway's diesel storage facility, otherwise known as East Grinstead station. Here is Swordfish stabled alongside the platform between some wagons and a guards van.
As you can see all the equipment has been lined up to give the appearance of an industrial railway.
The catering coach, now safely lifted onto some short rail stubs. Beside it is the toilet block which strangely seems to "stick out a bit". Perhaps it all looks nice and neat from the other side.

As we saw no work going on we may miss visiting tomorrow (unless we have to go over there for another reason) but we will visit again very, very soon.

Please keep an eye on this page or perhaps join the Twitter group.

Your commentator may be totally wrong on this (so what else is new) but it was always my understanding that the mesh fence in the foreground required to be covered over before public train services started.

This to stop cars quietly parked in Sainsbury's car park from getting a free steam clean by passing locomotives as they run round. Larger locomotives can put out a lot of boiling steam and water and this does seem an incident waiting to happen if a child were standing there watching the choo-choo while mum loaded the car boot.

Although it's difficult to think of something that is strong enough to block boiling water and thin enough to install before public services start next week.

It's a pity this will inevitably block a splendid ground level view of the trans.

Just over a week before opening on Thursday 14th March. A beautiful sunny morning so we thought a look at the state of play at the new East Grinstead station might be of interest.
The new toilet block resting on its wooden foundation. Alongside the catering coach was even at 9 am already being fitted out.
The water tower will not be ready on time so a bowser will need to be parked on the cripple siding.  The cut outs are for the fake window sills seen in the drawing.
Looking the other way the following pictures show just how small and near the road the station is. A sign or two on the cabin and coach might brighten things up a bit. The Railway are opposite a tremendous foot fall area so this is a perfect advertising location,
The walkway between the two stations is not yet built.
Another view of the station site, road adjacent and diesel loco in the distance showing just how "compact" the Bluebell station area is!
The diesel and other vehicles still giving an "industrial" scene parked on the platform.

If you'd like to see how it works there is a close up ground level video of the tamper in action:

Before 9 this morning the tamper was already humming away ready to start the days work.

All in all there was work going on in several places.

Our first new video for several days is now on YouTube, it shows preparations for the lines' opening as well as giving an idea of the area for those who have not yet visited the new line.

We hope to continue offering updates even after the line has reopened as we think that the removal of the rest of the capping and completing the reconstruction of Imberhorne cutting  might be interesting. Whether we will continue daily updates depends on whether there is anything worth showing!

If you want something special please leave a messages on our new forum. No guarantees of course, but we'll try our best.




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