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March 2013 Week 10
The Week They Reconnected!

Monday morning 4th March and the Network Rail station looks to be complete.
Further south however men are working to install the new footpath.
Between the two stations there is a large concrete and earth mound that seems to be receiving attention.
The new water tower continues to look excellent.
Now to the cutting where men are working to remove lots of growth at the side, not for a photographic event surely?!
A large bonfire perhaps?

More hopefully later today.

A monumental; day for the Bluebell pictures will be added as they are edited. Videos much, much later!!!
About 4 more rails to go!
The last rail before I left.
As you can see the embankment is greening up!
Cutting to fit round the curve.
It wasn't all plain sailing. Some extra levelling was required mid afternoon.

Video of this days progress:

Tuesday 5th March, the morning after the night before. The gap in the line is obvious, how the rail alongside will fill it, less so! ;-)
This morning's work seemed to consist of evening out the curve, it is now beautifully smooth.
Now to East Grinstead where work continues clearing the space between the two stations.
A look at the excellent brickwork on the new water tower.
Wednesday 6th March and recent lineside clearance gives an new view of the railway. Here looking south from Imberhorne bridge.

Is it possible that this area has been cleared to provide a temporary or even permanent viewing area? There are of course no lineside places north of Kingscote.

The gap is still there, but we can see that...
... to the north of the bridge the old 30' rails have been removed and in course of being replaced...
...with 60' rails. A video of the work is on YouTube:
There is still some way to go. The old rails are on the outside, the new ones on top of the sleepers.
Just one more new view from the bridge.
Thursday 7th March. I don't think I have ever seen so many people in the cutting at once! (There are two more right up north.)
Shortening a rail just north of Imberhorne bridge.
A glance in the opposite direction on Thursday lunchtime.
Now to East Grinstead station where the water tower continues to take shape.
This platform awaits the toilet block to be installed on top. The catering coach will go right beside it beside the new water tower and next to the green office. The soil pipe seems to be leading towards the water tower! ;-)
One more picture of the tower from Sainsbury's car park.
Friday 8th March. Your correspondent was not able to picture the actual golden spike ceremony so just a couple of pictures today. Here we see the BBC broadcasting sort of live from the bridge.
The official party arrive. Amazing how after all that work so many orange suits are so clean. Perhaps a recent visit to the laundry.
What's that in the distance?
Oh yes, ballast will soon be laid methinks.
Saturday morning before the catering vehicle arrived and the tamper is stored in the cripple siding beside the viaduct.

Close up ground level video of the tamper in action:

The water tower continues to grow but according to the mason will not be finished in time for the opening so the water tanker will be required.
The three ballast wagons await their passengers.;-)

In the distance the toilet block awaits the attention of the visiting cranes. Their base is now built leaving just enough room for the cafe coach - as long as someone measured properly!

Next update planned for early Monday.





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